The Sundial Trail in Rupelmonde

Rupelmonde: 51° 07' N & 4° 17' E.

Discover this historical Flemish village and its more than 20 recent sundials.

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The Sundial Park in Genk

Genk: 50° 58' N & 5° 30' E.

Unique in Europe: 12 sundials, of which 2 of a new concept, in a public urban park.

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Sundials in the Province of Limburg

Province of Limburg: the eastern part of Flanders.

Over 130 sundials: undoubtedly the leading sundial province of our country.

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Sundials in Flandres

Flanders: the northern part of Belgium (Dutch speaking).

Know more about an inventory including over 700 sundials ?

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Sundials in Belgium

Belgium: in the hart of Europe.

A selection of nearly 450 pictures of sundials in our country (Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia).

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